There's a 'handsome' fox in London that the internet is going crazy for

urban fox (Jamie_Hall/Thinkstock)

Not everyone would be thrilled to come face-to-face with a fox.

But BBC newsreader Zeb Soanes has become quite accustomed to visits from his local four-legged resident – probably because he’s so freakishly suave and good looking.

People are going nuts for the handsome fox named Gaspard (but of course).

Who dines on whole wedges of only the finest Parmesan.

Because Soanes knows he needs to give the people what they want now, he’s set up a Twitter account for young, or perhaps old and wise, Gaspard.

People are now tweeting him pictures of their own local foxes they’ve got to know over the years.

Ok, so maybe not the last one.

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