Although Alan didn't win Best In Show at Crufts viewers agreed he was a very good boy

Alan at Crufts

The Best In Show category at Crufts is the highlight of the yearly dog show, but this year one dog stood out not for his win, but for his name.

His name is Alan.

Alan is but a simple dog from the West Midlands, a humble Lakeland Terrier. His modesty stood out especially when most other dogs there had names like this…

Fantasa Smirnoff Ice.

Now back to Alan. Look at him. LOOK AT ALAN!

But Alan didn’t win this year. Alan was robbed of his title by an American Cocker Spaniel, who was unfortunately not named Alan (he’s called Miami).

It’s almost the same injustice felt as when Eric the Pekingese lost at Crufts last year.

However, there’s hope for Alan, as Eric’s legacy has remained in our hearts and in our tweets after all this time, proving that everybody loves an underdog.

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