Norway is the happiest country in the world, so here are 8 things you can do there to bring you joy


As today is International Day of Happiness, what better way to celebrate than by revealing the happiest countries in the world?

Denmark was top of the annual World Happiness Report last year, but this year there’s a new winner as Norway has claimed the prize.

And no wonder the Norwegians are so cheery, considering how much there is to do in their fine country. Here are eight things to do in Norway that will actually make you happier. Promise.

1. Catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights

We don’t even need to expand upon this one at all – who wouldn’t want to see the Aurora Borealis? The best time to see them in northern Norway is between October and March. So wrap up.

2. Walk along the waterfront of Bryggen in Bergen

Bergen is a Unesco world heritage site, and you can definitely see why. Take a wander along the waterfront and lap up all the multicoloured houses on your way.

You could definitely do a whole lot worse than spending the day checking out the district’s restaurants and boutiques.

3. Take a ferry around the fjords

There are more than a thousand fjords in Norway and one of the best things you can do in the country is marvel at their natural beauty. Get an eyeful of Geirangerfjord from the comfort of a delightful ferry.

Another unmissable spot is Lysefjord, which has the iconic Pulpit Rock. Cameras at the ready, folks.

4. Soak up some culture in Oslo

The country’s capital is buzzing with great food, beautiful art and so much to do.

Eyeball some of Munch’s most famous paintings at the Oslo Radhus, take a wander around the Royal Palace or simply chow down on some Norwegian meatballs to really find your happy place.

5. Walk along the Trolls Path

The Trollstigen (or Trolls Path if your Norwegian’s a bit rusty) gives you the most uniquely sweeping views over the rugged countryside. Ditch your car and hike up the path, watching out for the waterfalls on your way.

In case you didn’t quite realise, Norway’s got a whole lot of incredible nature going on, and who can’t love that?

6. Catch a midnight concert at the Arctic Cathedral

The Arctic Cathedral can be found in the city of Tromso, and is a hugely famous landmark in Norway thanks to how striking it is architecturally – it really doesn’t get much more Nordic than this.

When you’re there enjoying some traditional Norwegian music, be sure to check out the incredible stained glass windows.

7. Go glacier walking

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the glaciers in Norway are nothing short of majestic. They’re vast compacted layers of snow, and luckily you can go on guided glacier walks on a select few.

Experiencing the magic of glaciers like Folgefonna and Jostedalsbreen is an unmissable part of any trip to Norway. And yes, it definitely will make you happy (if only for seeing just how many likes you get on Instagram).

8. Take the train from Oslo to Bergen

We can’t think of anything that would bring more happiness than sitting on a Norwegian train watching the beautiful countryside whizz by. This route will take you through forests, past fjords and up the beautiful Hardangervidda Plateau. Bliss.

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