Brenda from Bristol is back to discuss her new status as an internet sensation

Brenda from Bristol (@jonkay01/Twitter)

Brenda from Bristol became an internet sensation after sharing her dismay at Theresa May’s surprise decision to call a snap election in June.

The 75-year-old’s interview with BBC News’ Jon Kay garnered a lot of attention on social media, and the reporter has since caught up with her for a chat.

The pair scrolled through Twitter together reading the positive tweets Brenda’s viral interview received, some having come from users from as far as the US and Australia.

“You were trending on Twitter. Do you know what that means?” Jon asked.

“Quite frankly no,” Brenda responded. “I don’t possess any form of technology.”

Despite the positive response Brenda’s outburst garnered on Tuesday, she also attracted some criticism. People have questioned her comments and reluctance to cast a ballot, especially given the right to vote was not one that came easily.

And what did Brenda have to say to them?

“In my very humble opinion, there’s hardly anybody in any of the parties that you would put your life on the line for.

“We need somebody that’s got a little bit of guts to get us all going.”

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