600 cups a day: A day in the life of a master tea blender

Twinings master blender on National Tea Day (PA)

It’s National Tea Day, and just in case you ever worried if your obsession with a good brew was a little too much – meet Rishi Deb.

Deb is a tea expert, and claims to get through 600 cups a day. Yes, really!

OK, so he slurps and spits, but that’s the equivalent of 15 bathtubs per month.

It’s all part of his trade though. Deb is one of nine master blenders and buyers for tea marketer Twinings.

“I’m a Michelin star chef of the tea world, if you like,” said Deb, who said it takes five to seven years to become a tea taster and has an engraved golden spoon recognising his tea-tasting abilities.

Before you go assuming anything about his well-trained taste buds though, Deb said his favourite tea is a good old, strong English Breakfast.

Anyone else fancy a brew now? Happy National Tea Day!

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