Gucci has cast aliens for its new campaign and it's as brilliant as it is bonkers

New Gucci Campaign (Gucci/Instagram/PA)

It might not have been the summer look you were expecting but Gucci appears to have cast aliens as models in their 2017 fall campaign.

We shouldn’t be that surprised, really. Since Alessandro Michele has been at the helm of the luxury Italian brand he’s been the master of reinvention. It was only a matter of time before models were dressed up in prosthetics and metallic paint and given alien personas.

Each alien has been given a name, a planet and a short bio, and appears to be auditioning for some sort of role in front of a green screen.

There’s “Ejaw Bolsorg. Age: 36. From: Xoor Cluster,” with an accompanying quote: “I may be moved to recite a few epic verses of their romantic poetry… Perhaps that will arouse your android feelings.”

And “Xeod. Age: 7000. From: unknown. ‘Together, we will explore the outer reaches of the galaxy… we will map systems and study nebula.”

Who needs Gigi Hadid?

The collection was inspired by Michele’s vision of the future – living in outer space, apparently.

Who knows, maybe alien-chic is the unexpected fashion trend we’ll be trying out next season?

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