Someone added Jeremy Corbyn to grime collective Boy Better Know's Wikipedia page

Jeremy Corbyn holds up a speaker (Danny Lawson/PA)

We’ve seen many times how hilarious it can be to edit a Wikipedia page – and adding Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to grime collective Boy Better Know is no exception.

After the edit, the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article about BBK read: “The collective was founded in North London in 2005 as an independent record label by brothers and father, Jeremy Corbyn, Jamie and Joseph Adenuga, better known as Jme and Skepta.”


Corbyn was listed as a “current artist” alongside founders JME and Skepta, and below other Boy Better Know members like Drake and Wiley.


He’s even got a mention under the heading “discography” too. Yes, that says “Jeremy Corbyn – Labour manifesto (2017)”. Genius, right?


It’s not known who was responsible for the rogue Wikipedia edit, but it isn’t half amusing Twitter.

The prank, which was soon corrected on the site, came after several grime MCs have voiced their support for Corbyn – just last weekend, Boy Better Know co-founder JME was featured on Corbyn’s Snapchat, urging people to vote for Labour on June 8.

A website called Grime 4 Corbyn has been launched too, encouraging people to sign up to vote by May 22. Those who register are in with a chance of winning tickets to a secret party in London, the date and venue of which is yet to be confirmed.

The unlikely love affair between Corbyn and grime continues.

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