This tennis player kept doing push-ups in between points and it's really quite bizarre

woman doing push up on tennis court (ITF/PA)

If you’ve ever felt slightly inferior while in the gym, you wouldn’t want to be attempting push-ups around tennis player Rika Fujiwara anytime soon.

The Japanese qualifier was playing against Great Britain’s Laura Robson at an ITF tournament in Japan when she rather bizarrely started doing several push-ups in between points.

But it’s fair to say that Fujiwara, who is ranked 864th in the world, gained some serious respect from people on Twitter for her rather unusual routine.

Her opponent Robson, who won the match 6-1 6-3, tweeted afterwards: “Honestly she did more push-ups in the second set than I’ve done in the last year.”

US tennis star CoCo Vandeweghe also had her say on Fujiwara’s push-up skills.

Some people on Twitter are slightly confused as to why she felt the need to show off the exercises on the court though. Surely being a professional tennis player is tiring enough?

It’s got us feeling inspired to work on our exercise regime, anyway.

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