This disabled sheep was given a cart so that she could run around for the first time

lamb on a cart

A disabled lamb born with a condition that makes it difficult for her to move around has been given a new lease of life, thanks to a special cart that was made for her.

Saturday the lamb has congenital spasticity. But the team at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary had an idea – her own set of wheels to help her walk around.

Before using her special cart, Saturday, who lives in Australia, had to have help to move anywhere.

(Edgar’s Mission)

A team of volunteers helped create the special equipment, and it has meant Saturday has been able to run for the first time (take note of how adorably excited she is.)

(Edgar’s Mission)

Yep, like something out of a film, now Saturday can move around the farm she lives at in Victoria without any problem at all.

We know – it’s been an emotional journey.

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