This guy made a pirate ship for his pets from bits of rubbish and it's epic

(Anthony Gardiner/PA)

Here’s the scenario: Your partner is ill and not around to have fun, so you’ve got some serious time on your hands. What do you do?

If you are Anthony Gardiner, you build a pirate ship for your pets to play in, of course!

It all started with a small request from his girlfriend, who “asked me to sort out the trash, and had suggested I make ‘a little house for the mammals out of the cardboard box’”.

It started small, but soon Anthony, who lives in Wellington, New Zealand, had got rather carried away making a new plaything for the couple’s dog, Cashew, and cat, Pistachio.

He posted pictures of his progress online, featuring the lucky animals who will get to enjoy their new swashbuckling ship.

Anthony christened the ship “The Nutilus” and it’s proved a big hit with his furry housemates.

Anthony regularly upcycles items and said his time in Nepal inspired him to create useful items from other people’s rubbish. “While there I saw how the locals use old plastic bottles to make all kinds of stuff. It changed my life.

“There is no such thing as trash. People don’t see what else that old toothbrush/bottle/wood scrap/duvet/coat hanger could be.”

But what did Anthony’s girlfriend think about the new addition to the furniture? “She said she was not surprised because I always take things too far,” said Anthony.

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