All the funniest reactions to Amazon buying Whole Foods

Whole foods

Today the news broke that Amazon is buying the grocery chain Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion (£10.7 billion). Normally, acquisitions are pretty dull fare, but Twitter has come in with some pretty hilarious reactions to the deal.

Amazon already offers grocery-delivery services in five markets, but the Whole Foods purchase would let it expand to many more. Amazon also offers grocery shipments elsewhere, but that’s tough with perishable foods.

This may be so, but some think it might have been an accident on the part of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Others are busy poking fun at Whole Foods’ organic reputation.

And some are more preoccupied with Whole Foods’ reputation for perhaps not being the cheapest supermarket option out there.

Then came the inevitable Amazon Prime jokes.

What could the future hold now that Amazon has Whole Foods under its wing?

Only time will tell.

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